Tuesday, February 02, 2010

mommy venting

I have another blog that is mostly for the grandmas to read and stay on top of my kids. I have it private just to protect my kids and so I can really journal our family life. Well this post I thought I'd share to comfort any of you who might be having one of "those" days.

I realized last night as I was talking about Drake, that some of this stuff isn't on the blog. Like how his new favorite lunch item is a hot dog. ANd he doesn't like it cut, he wants it whole. But then he totally plays with it and rubs it all over his face and neck. Yesterday he told me he needed another one. So I got them out to start cooking him another hotdog and then he yells, "JUST KIDDING!!" and it rolls out of his shirt.
Also yesterday I was on the computer when I heard Barb who lives across the street come in and say Hello. I got up and she was with Drake. She said she watched him climb up the side gate, flip the latch up and swing the gate open, hop down and take off. She brought him back.
Also yesterday I mowed the lawn (which took an hour and a half!!!). THe lawn was so thick and in some places 2 feet high from all the rain we've had. I have blisters on my hands today from pushing the mower. Well Gwen was crying while I was mowing it because of the "flowers" (weeds) that had grown, I was mowing down. So she was out there trying to pick the flowers before I could mow them and Drake was chasing after me saying "you bad mom!" and trying to hit me or throw clumps of grass at me!! What a PUNK!!!! Seriously, can I send him away?
Then today I was cleaning my room and Drake asked if he could have an icecream sandwich. I said no and he starts yelling at me at the top of his lungs that he wants one and only quiets down once I tell him I said no because we were going to go get frozen yogurt later. Ten minutes later I heard his bedroom door close and I thought that was odd. SO I went out and in the kitchen I saw his ladder in front of the fridge and the freezer door was wide open. I checked, and the icecream sandwich was missing. So I went in his room and called his name. I didn't see him but heard russsling in the closet. I opened the closet door and found him eating an icecream sandwich. We had a talk about disobeying, and I"m sure it went in one ear and out the other. He drives me crazy!!! He disobeys 95% of the time!!!!
Like also yesterday we were going to get in the car to take Gwen to her singing class (she came home singing California Sun and it was sooo cute!!) but I couldn't find my keys. Oh that was because Drake had taken my keys to get into my car and go through my purse (huge no no that he ALWAYS is doing), eat all my gum, and turn on all the possible options and lights in the car. And he did the same thing like four days ago!
Also, Gwen's been hard. Like today I spanked her little bare bum so hard and felt really bad. But she was refusing to get out of bed, and then once she was out, refused to put on clothes and get ready for school! And her bum was bare because of course BOTH kids peed their beds AGAIN last night, so she had taken off her wet pants and underwear sometime in the night.
And on top of all this I wake up with pink eye today!
Yesterday on Facebook, Julie Kenney posted "Sometimes I don't like being a mom" And today I couldn't agree more. Good to know others can feel that way too.


Morgan said...

wow, drake and asher would have a hay-day together. i can't believe he can climb up the fence and unlock it. that would make me so nervous.

i totally agree though, sometimes i don't like being a mom either. it's good to know everyone has days like that. hope your pink eye gets better fast.

Heather said...

I just read this entire post to my husband. Thanks for the laugh. Kids are sooooooooooooooo much fun!

Taylors said...

Kristin, I'm not gonna lie....you have to put up with A LOT!!! But obviously someone up above knew you could handle it. It makes for some AWESOME stories though.

Tawnya said...

Ugh, kids bring out the worst in us most days. We need to find a little kid boot camp to drill some respect into them!

Rushele said...

Oh Kristin how you make me laugh!! And I can only laugh because I can completely relate to your troubles! Aren't kids so trying on the patience sometimes?!??
Raegan disobeys us about 95% of the time too, and she LOVES to sass, it's terrible!
Tonight she yelled at Scott in the car "Dad sush, Elysse is asleep" because he was talking to me. I thought he was gonna blow up at her, he was so angry at how nasty she sounded.
Can't wait til they're teenagers...

Our Adoption Journey said...

Thanks for making me laugh so hard this morning! Your family is too cute. I am glad I stumbled across your blog!!! PS love the info on the tie website I am totally ordernig some. Thanks!

ThePalmers said...

Hey Kristin!

Tawnya officially won the tie contest, but if you email me you favorite tie, your son's size, and your address, then you might find a little (and adult matching) surprise in the mail soon... :)


ashley said...

Kristin! You make me laugh... what an adventurous life you lead! Think how boring it would be without your munchkins... and how much you might get done. :) I saw this on another blog today and then read your post... thought you would enjoy it.

BLOG link:

YOU TUBE link:

Kristin said...

Ashley, that was soo cute! THank you!

Tolly+L+L said...

AMEN. So true and I get so sick of moms who act like their kids never leave the house with macaroni and cheese dried all over their faces (my son, today). One time when Lennon was fighting me while I dressed him he yelled at me, "I don't WANT to wear that shirt TODAY!" to which I yelled back (just as loudly), "Well, I don't want to be a MOM today!"

Sigh. You're not alone. Wish you lived next door.

CBass said...

Hey now I don't feel so bad...they only look innoscent! I thought I had the only boy that was determined to exactly what he wanted every time...no matter what the consequence....boys :) I'm just going to chalk that one up to...the gender thing.

Underwood Family said...

Ha ahahahha! Kristin, thise stories are so funny, and I feel for you. I have had days like that for sure! You will be glad that you wrote those memories down,so you can tell you kids when they grow up, what they put you through. FUNNY!