Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ethan's run

This morning we got up nice and early to run a 10k called Ethan's run. It was set up to benefit babies who are born with heart defects and their families. And who doesn't want to help babies with owie hearts, right?

Plus, we need to do all the running we can since we're doing Ragnar next weekend! You're in right Julie?

My sister in law Emily, who is an "owie heart" survivor!!! Nice work Em!!

They had a 1 mile fun run, and this is Drake during it. He was taking a little breather. And I hear that Ryan carried him on his shoulders 75% of the time.

And here are my babies running in to the finish! Woohooooo!!!

So stoked to have finished their race! Don't you love Drake's Mr. T mohawk?

And must I always look like a dufus in action shots? I am actually really happy with my time, I pushed myself up all those Las Sendas hills that I thought would slow me down, but I got my best time for a 10k yet! And here's a true story:

Setting: food table just after finishing the race

other lady - You are really fast
me - me?!?! Thank you!!
other lady - ya, I was trying to catch up to you the whole time but just couldn't quite make it
me - really?! (I'm feeling REALLY good right now)
other lady - ya, you're not 40 are you?
me - NO! (in disgust)

Really lady? Do I look like a 40 year old? You had me feeling so good, and then slammed me down so fast!


Desi said...

She sounds like a really jealous passive agressive snatch! you don't look a day over 35! JKLOL! Oh, and is "owie heart" the technical term?

Emily said...

I'm laughing so hard at your story. There's no way you look near forty! ha! If you want to feel fast again, we should go running together. and your kids are super cute!

Taylors said...

WHAT?!?! 40?!? what happened after you said you weren't? Did she realize her mistake? You should have then complimented her for running so fast being pregnant.

Kristin said...

Des, no owie heart isn't the technical term, it's just how we described it to the kids. :)

Thanks Emily!

And Tara, that would have been awesome!!! I kinda just sulked away, it would have been sweet to have said that.

Ryan said...

Just do what I do. Tell everyone you said the really clever thing you thought of later and really wish you had said. It makes people think I have a rapist whit, but I don't.

Tolly+L+L said...

So you're NOT 40???

Rushele said...

Wow...that is offensive! You don't look 40, and she's just jealous of your skills and super toned body!
Good job on the run and good luck with Ragnar!

Bingham Family said...

This story is so crazy... as if. i am out for Ragnar. Destinee had me running 18.4 and seriously I would have died. Maybe next year if you guys put a team together I will train and join. It sounds like so much fun. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Midlife Midwife said...

umm two things. She probably was trying to feel better about herself. SHE probably was 40 and was hoping you weren't. If you had been 40 she would have really felt bad. It's easier to say "I got beaten by some young wippersnapper."

Umm Ryan: That "Rapier" whit. A Rapier is a thin very sharp sword. A rapist is...oh never mind! I am laughing too hard to keep going. Thanks for the laugh.