Sunday, December 20, 2009

chuga chuga choo choo

Thank you Kyla! She told us about this train display in the Sirrine's backyard. Unfortunately last night was the last night they are doing this, so if you missed it, just enjoy it through my pictures. ;)
We took the kids who were just AWED at the size of this train playground. Well, so were we.
We spent quite a bit of time just following the train tracks and getting excited when the trains would come and pass us.

Are my kids goofy or what?
Then after that I had my girls night, and I told Gwen that if she was really good she could come with me. She was soooo excited! She kept asking every few minutes if it was time to leave.
Part of our Christmas girls night is a gift exchange, and would you believe that someone actually brought a Barbie Thumbelina flower growing kit, and Gwen got that!? She LOVES it!
And then luckily Gwen was there to get a group picture of us girls.


Desi said...

Ok, I'm so jealous that I wasn't there! And what a little photographer!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I was at the train thing yesterday too! We missed each other! The sadness...