Saturday, December 12, 2009

sew cool

Remember our awesome gingerbread house? Well look at it now!
As soon as the last piece of candy was put on it the kids were begging to eat it. Well....why not? So we had a busting party and I think EVERY piece of candy that was on it was devoured.
I'm so proud of my Gwenny! This is one of her favorite shrugs, and the button on it came off. Well Gwen got out a needle and thread herself, THREADED it herself, and then sewed it on. ALL BY HERSELF!!
This girl is so rad, I don't know how I got so lucky!
And here are my children, two feet away from the TV, watching Arrested Development. Oh how I love them!


Emily said...

cute! can I hire Gwen to sew my buttons?

brian and thera tolman said...

Like Mother like daughter. Maybe she'll be on Project Runway someday!
So amazing that they are watching Arrested Development. Love it

Heather said...

Gwen is so talented because she has been watching you!! Your babies are precious!

Rushele said...

That's awesome that she sewed her own button back on! Wow, good job!!
I also like that your kids watch tv so close to girls stand literally 3 inches from the tv to watch it, it's so annoying!
Thanks for the fabulous recipes in your previous posts, I'm definitely gonna have to try them out!!

Kat said...

No way... by herself? You must be one amazing model for her to pick up on that.. then again you can sew anything is the word on the street!