Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas dreaming

For some reason I think that there's some rich reader out there that cares about what I want for Christmas. So wealthy anonymous reader, feel free to make my material Christmas dreams come true!
That Garmin watch.

Lotsa super cute fabric!
Yes, my Costco membership is up for renewal in January.
A fancy wetsuit for SWIMMING, not wakeboarding/snorkeling.
Knee high brown boots please!
Tickets to the Jack's Mannequin show in February!! I'll be so sad if we miss it.
A nice white watch. I'll go for this white leather Chalet, and at $120...
it's much more reasonable than this ceramic 42-20 ($2000!!!!) But you don't care right, because you're loaded and just want to give me whatever I want?
A nice SLR camera. Nikon's my flavor.
THIS cakestand!!!!!! My friend Kari has a similar one, and whenever I go to her house I feel bad for drooling all over it.
Season three. Please.
And I damaged one of my Silpats last night trying to make stained glass windows for our gingerbread house. I forgot that I had broken Lifesavers in the oven until the black smoke started choking us.

Now this is just the stuff I could think of off hand. I'll probably remember more later, so wealthy reader check back to be sure you don't forget anything! ;)


Taylors said...

that fabric and ceramic nixon watch are on my list too

CBass said...

ok I'm so glad you switched back too...I did the private thing for a few months...but I think it is just a pain for everyone all around so hopefully we can keep stalkers away! Anyway...I'm in love with your kids and santa...and Gwen's Bakesale...and mad props for the gingerbread house!