Sunday, October 25, 2009

last night

we went to Owl City instead of my high school reunion. And it was AWESOME!!!!!!! I'm sad I missed seeing old friends, but really I see most of the people I'd want to see anyways. (or at least read their blogs!) But honestly, the sound was amazing, and the venue was perfect for this show. It goes down as one of the BEST!
But the band before, the Scene Aesthetic, they were pretty good, but one of the singers was wearing that stupid Barack Obama shirt with just his face on it. What's up with celebrities (or wannabe celebrities) worshiping him? What's up with Barack winning the Noble peace prize? Wasn't he only in office like 20 days before he was nominated for it? And what's up with Barack saying Fox News can't have news feeds because they're not a real news station. I'm so sick of him.

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Desi said...

Me too. I'm glad that he won though, because once he sucks it up, maybe people will lose their boners for him. But his approval ratings have dropped at a record rate!