Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We're cheap. I mean really cheap. So when we went to BYU with the intention of getting new BYU shirts and saw that a blood drive was going on, and donators got free BYU shirts, Ryan and I signed up. The kids loved it. They pigged out on all the snacks available to donors while we were waiting.
Gwen was so cute while we were giving blood. She kept saying, "oh, mommy, I love you....mommy are you okay?....oh mommy...etc"
Once we were done, Ryan chilled on the couch drinking juice and eating cookies for about 15 minutes, and then when we got up to leave, we didn't get very far before he had to sit where he was, and then just laid on my lap for another 10 minutes. Poor guy. Look how pale he is!
Then we met up with Ryan's buddy from his mission, Ken Prince and his three adorable kids. Look at Drake and Stockton. Doesn't Stockton look like he could be Drake's brother?
We took the kids to roll down the hill that goes down to the library. They loved it!
Gwen and Brinley
The kids loved each other, it was so cute! We miss BYU so much. So we did a lot of brainwashing, doing what we can to make sure the kids go there. ;)


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giving blood for free shirts... awesome!! poor ryan.