Tuesday, October 20, 2009

back to our trip:

after our blood ordeal at BYU, we...

went to a pumpkin patch and Drake posed on tractors,
went to a Chump reunion show in Provo to watch Gavin (Ryan's bro) relive the glory days,
went to Temple square,
Drake learned how to use a urinal,
had lunch with our friends, the Stathams,
met up with my preggo friend Desiree,
went to SanFran and saw homeless people SMOKE CRACK!, pretend to be pregnant while begging for food, and went to Nike town to pick up my run stuff,
got a bed on Craigslist that we painted, (like Gwen's painting clothes?)
bought A LOT of gas,
almost fell off a cliff,
fed animals at a mini farm,
rode on a little STEAM ENGINE train,
slid down a cement slide on cardboard,
ate CHEESE BOARD pizza, oh baby was that good!
And got up at the crack of dawn (or before) to go run,
and this girl was inspired,
finishing the 1/2 and wishing I just did the full,
and then had a long drive home.
At least blue push pops make the time go faster.


Taylors said...

I'm so glad you guys came out!!!
Gwen definitely has her mommy's buns ;)

Desi said...

Ok, publishing my nasty boob/belly pic is not necessary, but at least it's not me learning how to use a urinal! And i LOVE Drake's sexy pose at the pumpkin patch.

Mark & Stephanie Humpherys said...

love the pics...sounds like you guys had a great time...love hearing all your adventures...

Emily said...

Congrats on your half! I love all the pics!

Kristin said...

Thanks Emily!
And Des, that's a totally cute belly pic!

Tawnya said...

Yeah, it's a cute belly pic. I love that you caught Andrew mid-choo-choo.