Monday, April 13, 2009

easter 09

Easter morning the kids were up bright and early at 6:30.  They found that the Easter Bunny had left them easter baskets full of delicious, mouth staining candy.  

I don't know if you remember this, but Gwen has a funny obsession with eggs.  Often she opens the  refridgerator and looks at the eggs in the carton and asks to hold one.  For hours she can just hold an egg, and carry it around, and talk to it, and love it without breaking it.  But she can break them too.  :(  So being the egg lover that she is, I would guess that Easter is her favorite holiday.  She's asking how many days til easter before Christmas even comes.  
Just look at her during the egg hunt.  She's sprinting!

Drake and Katie checking out their loot.

Eli and Katie taking a slower approach to the egg hunting.

Our family in our sweet Easter shirts.  They have an egg poking out from behind a tree with the funny googly eyes on in, and underneath it says, "the egg you could be eating", playing on Geico's money with the eyes and the line "the money you could be saving".

I had to post this picture just so everyone can see the sweet face Kolby's making!!

The ladies in our Easter shirts.  We're missing Tara and Aubrey.  :(

Drake in a box.

'nuf said.

We've started an Eater tradition that instead of ham for easter dinner, we have a Jerusalem dinner and eat the way Jesus would have, and traditional Jewish dishes symbolic of Christ and the crucifixion.  I personally love it because I LOVE lamb, so I don't miss the ham too much.  


So we eat on the floor and talk about each dish and what it represents.  It's a fun way to remind us, and teach the kids about, what Easter is truly about.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter, and appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made so we can all live again.


Emily said...

I LOVE the story about Gwen and her eggs. :) How cute is that? Also, would you please consider a close up of your shirts- they sound really cool. I like your Easter dinner tradition (minus the fluffy lamb)- what a great way to teach the kids/remember what Easter is about.

Tara T said...

sniff, sniff. I need to consider sending down life size pics of us so you guys can always have us for family events.

Tawnya said...

Easter is awesome. Too bad I gorged on candy and need to run about 40 miles to work it off. Drake in the box is sweet.

Tawnya said...

Drake is making the same face as Kolby!!

Jasmyn said...

I love Gwen's pink cowboy boots! And what a great new Easter great that you are teaching kids about the important stuff, not just bunnies and eggs:)