Sunday, April 05, 2009

April's fool

I'll be going private in one week, but I figured I could at least sneak in one last post.
First, last weekend there was a carnival at the Superstition Springs mall parking lot. Gwen had been begging to go for a week and a half, so we caved.

It was fun, but expensive.  For all four of us to ride the ferris wheel it would be $20-for a two minute ride!  Luckily Drake was deemed too short to ride the ferris wheel so Ryan and Gwen rode it alone.  

Then earlier this week, was April fool's day.  This year Gwen got it.  It was awesome!  First the kids thought it was pretty funny that the milk in the fridge was mysteriously blue and pink.  Then all day Gwen would say things like 'mom!  there's an ant on your back! APRIL FOOLS!!' and the thing is is she'd be laughing hysterically from the start.  It was pretty funny and I'd entertain her by acting surprised and trying to get the ant off my back or duck out of my hair.  (yes. she told me i had a duck in my hair)   
Then for my joke on Ryan, I told him I was prego.  He just said funny, you've already tried that one on me before and didn't even entertain me a bit!  I was offended.  So the next day I went to the market and got a couple of pregnancy tests for my pregnant friend Jasmyn to pee on!  I then left the positive tests on the bathroom counter with a note that read, "So you thought it was an April fools joke huh?"  Well the day after April 1 Ryan was at school all day and all night (literally) writing a big paper he had due the next day.  But then the next day after school he was so tired from not sleeping the previous night that he just came home and slept.  So when he finally woke up and saw my surprise it was Friday night.  Boy was he shocked!  It was awesome!  I let him believe it for a few hours, but he was trying to figure things out like when the baby would come, how we'd work things out, too bad we gave away ALL our baby stuff, etc.  I realized if I let it go on much longer he'd be upset so I finally told him it was payback for not entertaining me on April fool's day.  He had to admit I got him good.  
This weekend we are going to the cabin for probably our last easter there.  Stay tuned to see the awesome shirts I made up for us...they're pretty sweet.

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