Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cat's outta the bag

Gwen has adopted a stray.  Kinda.  One day there was a cat on our patio, so we got some meat to offer it, and he's been coming back since.  Gwen let him in the house (and I checked him all over to make sure he's clean) and I can't understand why he comes back.  Because the minute he comes through the door, Gwen insists on holding him like a baby.  And she has to carry him around as well.  But while she's holding/carrying him, Drake's trying to get his turn too by trying to remove the kitty from Gwen with force...by pulling his tail!  This cat is TORTURED the whole time he's in our house, but keeps coming back.  And he's so patient too.  Gwen and Drake each have only had one scratch from him.  
I've been holding off on posting about this because I didn't want my mother in law to know that we were letting a cat come in our house.  But the other day she was here when Gwen attempted to let the cat in, so now she knows.  
The other thing about this is, is it possible to get over allergies?  Because when Gwen first started playing with him, her eyes would turn red and get itchy, and she'd be sneezing.  But since then, her face is buried in the cats fur all the time and I've even caught her licking the cat!!!  (she said she was helping clean him)  And apparently now the cat doesn't seem to bother her at all.  I'm glad too because I don't want my kids to be allergic to animals.  No fun.  Tawnya was allergic to horses when we were younger, and I remember one time she rode a horse and had hives all over her body and had to take an ice bath.   She eventually got over it, but still, that stinks!  Well Gwen's overcome her milk allergy, so maybe it's all about slow exposure?

The other day Gwen thought she saw another cat run underground.  So all afternoon and even this morning Gwen and Drake have been trying to dig underground to get the cat out.  (notice they've only displaced the rocks)    Silly kids.

So Gwenny love her kitty whom she's named Carrotjuice.


Tawnya said...

If Gwen gets over her allergies that quickly then she's a lucky girl!! And yeah, that stupid horse got me good.

Chelsea said...

carrot juice is a great name. btw, do you read http://kellymccaleb.typepad.com/my_happy_little_life or is there another kristin who commented on a post of hers talking about a cyber stalker?

Rushele said...

She licked the cat?!? Gross! Very sweet that she was trying to be helpful, but Gross!!!
And Gwen had a dairy allergy? I don't think I knew that. Did you just gradually give her dairy products until she seemed ok with it, or what? Because Raegan has had a dairy allergy since she was a baby and it's been kind of a bummer. She does seem to tolerate small doses a little better now though.

Tara T said...

awe, that just reminded me of how much I loved having a cat when I was little. Too bad Andrew would NEVER let me have one:(

Jeppesen Family said...

Thanks for the invite ;) Anyway, I think Gwen could have got over her allergies. When we first got our cat Nathan got red eyes and itchy, but like a week later, he was fine. Who knows. I love cats! I wish we had ours still, but she's staying with my mom now, b/c we can't afford to pay the extra rent for her :(

Desi said...

That's so awesome. Animals are SO disgusting, and so are kids. They're made for eachother. Is Gwen asleep in that picture? How adorable!