Sunday, March 22, 2009

our week

Poor Gwenny has been sick for a lot of the week. Bummer for her is that this is her spring break. At least her school gives two weeks of spring break instead of just one. So when her stummy is hurting her, she likes to make a bed on the coffee table and watch a movie on the little DVD player.

Tuesday was St. Patricks day. The kids loved getting to pinch those not wearing green, we talked about leprechauns, and I make corned beef and cabbage and had some people over for dinner and Rockband. This boy knows how to ROCK!

Friday Ryan and I got to go to a banquet where Ryan was presented his prize ($!) for the essay contest he got second place in.

It was at Orange Tree Golf Resort, one of Ryan's favorite places to golf. He was hoping that he'd also get a free round but no such luck.

We also did some grocery shopping, and it was one of the better grocery store trips to date. Usually I'm dealing with fighting kids who and constantly in and out of the cart, all while throwing individual tantrums. This time, I just let them each have their own cart, and help me. This worked much better. Until Drake had to turn his cart in. Then he presented the lovely shoppers of Trader Joe's with a ginomous tantrum, laying on the floor kicking his legs and screaming all at the check out area!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

Poor little Gwen... I hope she gets feeling better. That is awesome that she has two weeks to get better though cause usually it only takes one! Good idea at the grocery store, unfortunately it unravelled at the end. I might have to find that Primrose somewhere else because there is not a Sprouts in Thatcher!

Cadina Family said...

Your family is so cute! all look so good. :0) It's fun to see! Thanks for commenting on my blog...that really is half the fun I think! :0)

sochie said...

I'm diggin the pick guitar Drake is rocking out on! What a cute picture ;)

sochie said...

i mean pink guitar. teehee

CBass said...

Got to love the boys and their tantrums at the store! I know that all too well :) I'm pretty sure they grow out of it eventually!!!!