Friday, March 06, 2009

barrack and buzz

This is the story of a girl named Gwen. Gwen is so cool. She has a unique sense of style. Gwen isn't shy, in fact today when we were in the store she starts yelling at the top of her lungs for no reason "BARRAK OBAMA!!!". Like this Barrak Obama was her lost dog she was urgently looking for. She kept it up for a while despite my shh's. Then she and Drake got in a war calling each other Barrack Obama's. I asked her if she even knew who Barac Obama is (yes I don't know how to spell his name). She replied "yes, he's the prophet of the United States". Close, but no cigar. Everyone thought it was funny.  The other day when I announced a special trip to Costco for shopping and PIZZA, Gwen said "oh let me go get dressed", and then quickly put on this outfit.  I commented on her cute outfit, and she told me that she picked the shirt and sweater, but let Drake pick the pants.  (She coached him on which pants to pick for her)
This is the story of a boy named Drake.  Drake is a ball of fire!  Drake loves Buzz Lightyear.  Drake is so excited to wear his Buzz Lightyear underwear.  (And is it so wrong if I call them his big boy panties?)  Drake loves wearing them so much that he often takes off his diaper, puts on his underwear and walks around in just the underwear.  Problem is, Drake's not yet potty trained.  I also often find Drake's wet Buzz Lightyear underwear laying around.  

I love that I get to play with these two funny kids each day.  One of the things we like to do is bake together. 
These are some of the best cookies I've ever made.  Too bad I didn't write down the recipe as I was making them.  I often do that.  I'll experiment, it'll turn out pretty darn good, and then I realized I don't know what all I put in it.  Bummer.
we loves cookies


Emily said...

Your kids are so funny! I love the stories you have about them. Are your cookies stuffed with marshmallows?

Kristin said...

Yes!!! There are yummy marshmallows in them!

Rushele said...

Those cookies look so yummy!!! I, too love cookies! Just made some last night. But, unlike you, I ALWAYS follow someone's recipe so that they are edible.
I love the stories of the things your kids say and do!! It is hilarious, and Gwen's outfit is awesome! Kids have the greatest sense of style, don't they?!!
I agree with your comment that we should get our kids together to play! Gwen's a little older than Raegan, but Raegan never cares about age as long as someone will play with her. I bet they'd have a lot of fun together!!

Heather said...

Your kids are so cute!! I love that Gwen is so girly and can't go out with out getting dressed first!

Underwood Family said...

So Kristen, I was checking your blog and jared saw the picture of cookies, and I said, they were probably really good since we like the same type of cookies, and he said, "what you mean the kind with lots of sugar in them". Our middle name should be sugar.