Monday, March 09, 2009

chicky chase

Jack and Drake looking for a chick.
Ryan and Gwen getting ready to run.

Saturday we all cowboy'd up and headed down to the Lehi Days Rodeo.  Besides all the fun of the pony rides, the petting farm, and the tractors to climb on, there was the chicky chase.  Now Gwen wasn't too excited about it until she found out that if she caught a baby chick, she'd get to keep it.  Then it was game on.  She got soo close, but the boy next to her dove onto the baby bird capturing (and probably killing) it.  Gwen was so sad!!  But now she's just upped her catching kitty attempts at home.  She's made a larger door on the kitty house she has in our back yard so now even bigger kittys can fit in it.  (I'll have to post a picture of her little kitty house, it's so cute)


Jonathan and Sarah said...

I love her! She is so funny and cute! Like the new layout too :)

Tawnya said...

Gwen is awesome. You need to 'help' her catch a kitty. pronto.

Rushele said...

What a fun outing!
Gwen is such a cutie!! Tell her not to be too upset, chicks grow really fast and then they're just pooping chickens!
Can't wait to see her kitty house.