Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

Ever since the incident , we have been working on upping the security at home. Like getting the porch light to work (turns out it just needed a light bulb - duh), installing a peep hole, and since the kids will unlock and open the door for anyone, we got some latches to install today that are high so the kids won't be able to unlock the door. 
I also was able to find something similar for the sliding doors. It's basically a pin that goes through both doors so when it's in, the door won't slide- again preventing the kids from just unlocking and opening the doors. Installation of the first went off with out a hitch, but the second door, just what Ryan feared happened- his drill bit hit the glass.

So now we have a broken slider.  It seriously was cracking for at least an hour after it was hit.  And we could just see the cracks spreading, and finally the weight of it has made it bow out and small pieces have been falling off.  Does anybody know of a good glass company?????

But we didn't let that spoil our day.  We had our ward's Fall Festival-mucho funo with loads of chili, candy and games, and face painting!  Then went over to Gavin and Emily's ward's trunk or treat.  
So Gwen's kitty painted face (from our previous activity) with her witch costume kind of confused people, but we thought it was cute.

And Drake was a hit!  Everyone kept saying that the ghost was the "classic" costume, but that you never see it anymore.  But honestly, ever since the kids have seen ET, Drake is always putting blankets over his head and pretending to be a ghost, so it was an obvious costume choice.
So it was fun to let the kids have a practice before Halloween next week.  
And also nice to get lots of candy already!  ;)
Next week, we'll join them in costume!!!


Gigi said...

Drake has some BIG eyes staring out of his ghost costume. Can't wait for them to come trick or treating at my house

Tawnya said...

Cute cute cute! Gwen could probably also pull off a pirate look too.

DARA said...

I love the costumes. You are so blessed to be able to stay home with your babies.
PS. I am moving to Flagstaff in Jan. =)

straubfamily said...

I hope you are saving a few pieces of that candy for the kids! They look adorable.

Rushele said...

Can't wait to see the pics of all of you in costume, especially with that awesome mustache Ryan has going on!!
Your kids are so adorable!! They look cute in their costumes!!
I love the halloween parties that the wards do for our little ones!

Underwood Family said...

By the way, I wrote comment to you about your break in, but the computer wasn't working, and it didn't get posted. I of all people know how you felt when that guy was trying to break in. It freakin sucks. I'm sure you are paranoid now, so was I. But, the chances of it happening again are VERY slim. I'm glad you are OK! Looks like you guys are having fun back in AZ. I miss hanging out! I also have been stretching the budget for groceries. What happened to the good ole days when I could experiment w/ food? I guess I just have to experiment with starches.

Bingham family said...

That stinks about the slider. I heard that replacing them was really expensive. Good Luck! Your kidos look so cute though!