Monday, October 20, 2008

finally uploaded some pics

That's right, Ryan is the mustached man again.  Preparing for a Halloween costume....

This was our family home evening a couple of weeks ago.  If you look closely at Drake's necklace, it says "I am a child of God".
Okay, longer than a couple of weeks ago, because the walls there aren't even painted.

Then I found 
this picture from out old house.  It's just so cute how Ryan's singing to Gwen, and she obviously dressed 

Next up is Gwen at
 her international children's day at school.  She was a Navajo girl.  Awwww, cute!  I cheaped out and didn't make her a traditional outfit, but she's sporting the belt, jewelry and hairdo.

Then our awesome little Drakey boy at the children's day looking like a pimp.  Seriously, his hair looks like that EVERYDAY, there's no taming it.  And don't you just want to rub that little Buddha belly?

And FINALLLLLY something I've been working on (or not working on) for almost five years!  When I found out I was pregnant with Gwen I started making a quilt.  Cutting and piecing was so easy breezy, but hand quilting with out a stand....long and hard!  It seriously drove me crazy everytime I thought about it because I wanted it done, but didn't want to have half machine quilted and half hand quilted.  But I finally realized it's better to have half of it not so nice and let it get some use then to be sitting in a box in my closet forever.  So I broke down and machine quilted the other half (and Grandma's turning in her grave).  Good new is Gwen loves it!  She sleeps with it everynight!  Plus, it's finally a finished project.


Jasmyn said...

I am enjoying Drake's strategically placed necklace! You crack me up! And the quilt looks beautiful!

Karyn Olson said...

Anyone that makes a quilt deserves a ribbon!!! Good worker you!

Rushele said...

You are so talented!!!
O.k., first off, I love the strategically placed I am a child of God necklace!! Very nice!
Secondly, the mustache is sick! It reminds me of my own husband who likes to grow one of those aweful porn star staches too. It is quite hilarious for a while though, especially for Halloween!

Desi said...

Your quilt is SO impressive. Gwen looks like a teenaged supermodel in that picture. What a beauty! I MISS YOU!!!

Andrew & Tara said...

Why is drake even naked?

Those pics of Gwen in her Navajo attire that I took are on moms computer. There are some good ones.

Bingham family said...

NIce picture of Drake. So funny. As for the quilt, you are amazing. The piecing and everything! I am impressed. Great job!

Heather said...

The quilt looks great. I am inspired by all the handy little things you do! I wanted to do something for the baby so I made a stocking...much smaller project than a quilt!