Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hairy cookies and pumpkins

Drake has had poofy hair for quite some time. I've had a dream of letting him grow it out a little bit to have some cute little boy surfer hair, or something like that. Unfortunately his hair has always had a mind of his own and will NOT lay down. So I realized I was "that" mom. We had one a couple wards ago that had a little boy with LONG hair. He was probably two, and it was long enough to put it up in clips...which his mom did! And everyone would ask when she was going to cut it, and she would say that she just couldn't do it because it was so cute. I didn't want to be her, so I buzzed Drake.
The other hard part of cutting his hair is that Drake has nerves and feeling INSIDE his hair! At least that's the only explanation for the HUGE fits he throws every time I try to cut his hair.
Hates it
check out that snot/slobber combo!
mom, how could you do this to me?!
All better thanks to this slow melt popsicle!  (I just now discovered the slow melts-GENIUS!!)
Need directions to the gun show?
Sunday we had the cuzins over for dinner and cookie decorating
She may look stoned here, but Delia's proud of that ghost cookie!
When Ryan saw this picture of Cloe with her frosting stained black teeth, he said that she looks just like what Gavin looked like when he was a kid.  
Gwenny bum loves decorating cookies!
And tonight we carved pumpkins!
When I told Gwen that she had to clean the pumpkin out, 
she made this face and said "eww gross!"
then she got the hang of it
sawing away at her pumpkin
Ta da!  She carved it all by herself!  I'm so proud.
Then Gwen wanted to take a picture of momma with my pumpkin.  


Andrew & Tara said...

Awe, Gwenny looks so cute in these pictures it totally makes me miss her!! Drakes hair looks a lot better too!

Desi said...

Ok, the drake snot picture is AWESOME! And I love your pumpkin. I don't know how to carve them. I always have the classic jack-o-lantern, because I SUCK SO BAD! I MISS YOU! OH, and I have my second in home hair client in about an hour. Yay for me!

Blake and Allison said...

no edward pumpkin this year? the movie comes out soon...are you so excited? drake does not look happy at all in some of those pictures.

now, by chance do you have info for jordan? he used to be on facebook, but i can't find him anymore. if not jordan, anyone else that i might not have?

thanks kristin!

Rushele said...

I love the snot bubble on Drake's face when you cut his hair!! That's the greatest!
And how dare you cut his hair like that!! Geez, it really does hurt him you know?!!!
Nice job on the cookies and pumpkins! You're the nicest mom ever! I can barely let my kid decorate a pumpkin with stickers without losing it!!

Karyn Olson said...

Ha ha ha. That is SO funny, nerves INSIDE his hair! Yep, got a good laugh on that one.

Your boy child was way handsome before, but WOW he sure looks good with his new do! Props.