Monday, June 23, 2008

Viva Las Vegas baby, yah!

Ryan and I had a first this weekend...
The first time we took a trip without kids since Gwen was born!!
Crazy I know!  And thank you, thank you, thank you to mom for watching our offspring for us while we partied it up in Vegas!
We took off Saturday morning and just got back this evening, and holy smokes we had fun!
We stayed in the Planet Holywood resort, and it was so nice!  We did some shopping, played some games, swam, walked a lot and of course Ryan karaoked!  Ryan comparing his hands to Shaq's.

Water show at Belagio, yes we were on the red carpet, and a Tobias sighting.This funny little suit was from the movie The Stupids , and our room was cool enough the have the ORIGINAL displayed on the wall!  (so awesome I know ;)  Also we ate a lot of yummy food.
We really had an amazing time, just getting away for a while.  I forget how dirty Las Vegas is, and feel bad for one of my dear friends who unfortunately for me, has moved to as she puts it "Saddam and Gomorrah".  I might have developed lung cancer while there, and am sad to see the poor people that have to hand out pornography on the streets for a living.  :(  To help fight pornography, click here.
Lot's of fun just Ryan and Kristin, but we missed our babies sooooo much!!  Thanks again mom for loving them for us this weekend!
And CONGRATULATIONS to Dez and Josiah 
on the birth of Ezekiel Michael!  
Can't wait to see him!!!


Andrew & Tara said...

Was that really Tobias?! Oh my gosh I need to put Arrested Development on my next NetFlix movie. Looks like you guys had tons of fun. That picture of you and the suit is AweSomE. Oh yeah, and Shaq is enormous! Since his hand print is right by Ryans head...Shaq could totally palm it :) Call me about other Vegas details;)

Humpherys Family said...

How fun!!! I soooo want to go to Vegas....the city that doesn't Your mom is so sweet to watch the kiddies for you guys...You guys are such a cute couple!! :-) Good for you guys in having fun!!!

Rushele said...

We've been on one vacation without kids since Raegan was born.
We had Sarah and Jonathan watch Raegan for us last summer before Sophie was born for a little weekend getaway in San Diego. Such beautiful weather, and so much fun to just hang out and do whatever without worrying about bed times and whatnot.
You're looking good! How do you stay so skinny?

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Sounds like sooo much fun! You look beautiful in the pics!

Kristin said...

Tara, I wish it was the real Tobias, but he did look just like him with the glasses and all. So who knows, maybe it was him! You know the blue man group is in vegas!

Rushele, you're crazy! I've been slacking on the working out thing, and I fell like I'm falling apart!

Sarah, you're too sweet! Hope you have fun on your cruise!! Lucky!

Tawnya said...

How many times did you change while on your 3day/2night trip??

Kaylani said...

i was noticing the same thing as Tawnya! Ryan's in the same shirt for 3 of your outfits! Very Kristin. Love it! I SO need a vacation, looks like you had a great time and good job for without the kids. Now you know that you can survive and so can they! ;)

Kristin said...

Come on Tawnya, you know me. But for Kaylani who doesn't know how messy I am, here's how it goes down. We go out, Kristin's wearing the pink thing over the white shirt/black leggings. Notice I'm wearing it at dinner. Of course I got salsa on me, and also conveniently, I mean inconveniently my shoe broke so I had to go buy new ones, so I just changed my shoes and took off the shirt, added the green skirt.

Photography By Jo said...

Oh! I'm ready for one of those trips. I haven't been away from EmmaLee for more than 4 hours since she was born since she won't take a bottle or formula. I can't wait till she can have whole milk!

Chelsea said...

you really saw tobias?! did you ask him to be your analrapist? lol

Janee Graham said...

Kristin you are the cutest. I love quick little trips out of town, with and for sure without the kids(now that they're older)Well I think you probably dont have to work out because you always look so dang good. Oh man sometimes I sound so gay :) Honestly you must have some good jeans in the family. And Rushele whatever like your not skinny. I'm glad you found my blog. It's so fun keeping up with each other.

Bowman Family said...

Wow, you guys have been busy with all these trips. So fun! I love your outfits. I think it's great!

Thank you for letting my girls celebrate with Gwenny on her b-day! They love her so much and had a blast!

San Fran looks like so much fun. I am sorry you lost Gwenny. We lost Katie at Disneyland when she was 4... it almost killed my parents. I remember how panicked they were. Tara's little girl is so beautiful.

I am really going to miss you guys!!!
Love ya!
Meg :-)