Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Ode to Ryan
I like him a lot
He is nice
And very hot!

He plays golf
and watches NBA
Here is something
I need to say:

You're so sweet
And good to our babies
It makes them jealous
(The other ladies)

Marrying you
Made me so glad,
But I never could have imagined
You'd be such a good DAD!

love you Ryan!!!  

And I love you too Dad!


Andrew & Tara said...

Did you make up that poem yourself? Very nice. Yay to our fabulous husbands and all their hard work. :)

carie said...

Your poem is awesome! You should make up a melody with your pink China guitar (still have it?)

Love the picture... so hot.

Kristin said...

you better believe I made that poem up! ;)

Rushele said...

That's a cute little poem. Good job!
And I love the picture by the way!
Especially the mustache.

Blake & Alli said...

how long has he been sporting that mustache?

he'll make all the other law school students jealous.

cute poem!

Kristin said...

Oh yah Carie, my China guitar was black, and yes, I still have it!!

And thank you to everyone else! I just may have to try to be creative more often. ;)

Photography By Jo said...

I love the poem!

Bingham family said...

nice. that is all.