Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A new one

First of all, thank you to all of you who requested I update the blog, it makes me feel loved!  :)
It hasn't been updated in a while because -gasp- my computer wasn't uploading my pictures.  What?  Mac issues?  Shocker I know.  But I've learned something.  If I just leave my computer turned off and I don't touch it two weeks at a time, it'll work just fine when I finally turn it back on again.  And sometimes when it's really bad and the "shut down" doesn't work, and I try to turn it off with the power button, and that doesn't work.  I just have to unplug it for a few days and then it works fine.

So what we've been up to...
Well, my BYU girlfriends and I had an amazing girls night.  This is us at an outrageous little restaurant that I won't mention the name of it for fear that you might google it and see how raunchy it is.  But us girls liked the shock of it all.  (only because our husbands weren't there)

Then I've been trying to come up with a good place to have a birthday party for Gwen.  Her bithday is coming up soon, and since we'll be moving in about a month and a half,  I wanted her to have a party with her friends.  The problem is coming up with a good place.  Peter Piper and Chuck E Cheese were obvious choices, but don't really cater to kids her age.  So we were told of this place called Jeepers that is supposed to be so much fun for 4 year olds, just it's not as new and clean as PP and CEC.  So we went to check it out and the kids loved it!  
+ kids love it    - not so clean
What do I go with?  
I of course also thought of Amazing Jakes ($20/kid, I don't think so), and Glitter Box is a min of $350!!!
Any other suggestions all you savvy moms out there?

The kids:
Gwen's latest obsession: spending the night at GG's house.  Every night she asks if she can, and she has the last couple of Fridays.  She went miniature golfing with GG and Papa this last weekend, and the rest of the time she spends stamping cards with her.  How are we supposed to move Gwenny from her GG?
Drake has been talking up a storm!  His favorite word?  "WHY"?  Then he usually answers himself and says "cuz".  He also likes saying "one, two, three, go!", "shoes on", "Gwen", "outside", "key" (kitty), "Diego", "cars", etc.

Ryan has been getting ready for school again.  At least all the fun stuff.  You know getting his new laptop, and searching for days for his new backpack for it.  It's really pretty funny.  Reminds me of how excited I'd get to start school when I was in grade school.  I'll bet Ryan lays out all his clothes the night before too.  ;)

Me.  Well, I'm involving the kids on this one.  We have what my grandpa would call "feral cats" living in our back yard.  I'm working on being their friend so they'll trust me and I can eventually get them in the house!  (Ryan's definitely not in on this, so don't tell him)  So we bring out chopped ham for them to eat, run inside and then watch them eat it from out the window.

Oh, and what's that you've noticed in that last picture?  Oh our TUMBLEWEED!  When it started growing, we thought it was a tumbleweed and wanted to watch it grow big enough that it would eventually die and blow away.  So it's an experiment now and we've got to see how it'll turn out.  I'll let you know.

In other news, my super duper cute cousin Crystal just had a beautiful baby boy.
Today is one of my dearest friends  Meg's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
And... well, I guess that's all.  


Rushele said...

Well, I haven't checked into prices yet, but I was going to take Raegan and one (maybe 2) friend to Build a Bear for her 3rd b-day. But i know that can get pricey and that's why it'll probably be only one other friend.
Your best bet will probably be that Jeepers place (never heard of it) and just give them baths as soon as you get home if it's as dirty as you say. I have a hard time with dirty things too, but if it's affordable and the kids like it....may be worth it!
So, I didn't realize you were moving. Where to? Is it for Law school? And where are you working these days?
Oh, by the way, brave woman for trying to befriend stray cats. That scares me, and I don't think I ever could do that!

Tawnya said...

HAHAHAHA i bet grandpa sent those feral cats to you just to see what you'd do. That's awesome.

Andrew & Tara said...

some of your pics wont enlarge. I want to see close ups of my kids. Kristin you are officially ghetto...growing a tumbleweed? You crazy indian. I CAN NOT wait till you guys come up!!!! Lets see if Drake can teach Jack a couple of words.
Oh yeah, I got your ichat message yesterday and I was thinking the same thing about you!!! You are always away or idle when I come on.
I am going to need to see some more posts from now on. At least 2 a week.

Chelsea said...

okay, now you have to email me the name of that place.

i'm thinking this year that henry will have a party at some sort of jumping place like "bouncin' off the walls" or "the kid barn." we're doing a joint party with his friend piper who was born on the same day, so that helps with costs. maybe you could split a party with someone? we did a pool party last year, but i'm sure that's been done a million times by the age of 4 in sunny AZ!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Kristin! I'm so happy that you left a comment for me! Wow, it sounds like you guys are pretty busy right now with moving and school starting up again. Sounds like fun! lol Sorry I'm not a mom yet so I don't know any good places to take the little one...

Bowman Family said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am older than you are!!! :-) At least for a month.

For Rachel's b-day we let her pick one friend to go mini-golfing with. She went on a double date with Cyanah and Damien Budge and her daddy. It was the best thing ever and it only cost $24! You can get packages on-line that save you money. Just a thought. Anyway, good luck with that!

I love you and will miss you tons when you leave us for beautiful Northern Cali!

Kristin said...

Thank you ladies for your suggestions! I've never heard of Bounce U, I'm checking it out!

Kristin said...

Thank you ladies for your suggestions! I've never heard of Bounce U, I'm checking it out!

Blake & Alli said...

hahaha! were you at the heartattack place???

please do tell!

Blake & Alli said...

okay, i know this is kind of far from your place, but i drive past it ever day on my way to work and think it looks kind of cool


it is $8/child and $3.50/adult

just an idea....

Stanford Family said...

Hey cute girl, sounds like your doing well. I can't believe Gwen is already turning four. Kids grow up so fast. That's exciting to see Drake talking. Kalli's favorite word is also "why." Keep in touch. Miss you guys!

Kristin said...

Alli, yes, it was the heartattack place! It's sinful. ;)

And I'm totally checking that place out, thanks so much!!

Blake & Alli said...

oh my gosh, i can't believe you went there...it does look crazy though.

there is one down the street from us and blake and his friend have tried going a couple of times, but just couldn'g do it-was it any good?

Kristin said...

No, it was sick, and had just a few gross "patrons" in there. And the servers were sick!