Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Can I tell you something funny?

My little Gwenny has a new obsession...


She loves to fold everything! From her colored papers,

that she then wraps rubberbands around, to towels and blankets.

In fact, it's gotten to the point where I can't have towels hanging on

the towel racks anymore.

Gwen will take them down and fold them up!

her folded up blankets
yes, this towel was hanging on the oven handle
and this towel was hung by the sink

She's an organizer. In addition to folding, she likes making sure

everything is lined up too.

And this is Drake hiding behind the chair during a scary part

of the Incredibles.


Taylor Family said...

So then does Gwen help you fold when it's actually time to fold the clean clothes? That silly Gwenny Penny. And that pic of Drake, he looks so old!

Chelsea said...

henry also lines everything up. it's nice to hear it's more of a 2 year old thing than an OC thing.

Bingham Family said...

This is so cute. I love that she is such a good helper! That is nice for you. I used to line my toys up just like that.

Jasmyn said...

Ok, now I know Gwenny and Kade are meant to be. Not only would they be a gogeous couple, but with Kade's love of vacuuming and her love of folding the house will be spotless!!!
BTW, thanks for the info on where to get knock offs in NY. There are a ton of knock offs that I want and I will be calling you to find out where to go to them when we are there for the finale!

Love ya sweetie, miss you!