Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I have been so blessed to have the amazing grandpa I have.
Grandpa Chet died Saturday, March 15, 2008.
He has been such a great example to me, and a wonderful patriach to our family.
I love you grandpa!
And then to compound the pain of the loss, my iMac hard drive crashed last week, with so many pictures of grandpa with my kids. If only I had backed up my files...

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Chelsea said...

kirs, i am sorry about your grandpa. apparently while I was at my grandpa's funeral, yours was being called home. what a crappy week.

and you're right, losing all of those files is painful. Our computer crashed and burned in october and we hadn't backed it up since january. ouch. we lost a few documents, but luckily i keep my photos in 5 different places: my desktop, my laptop, on disk in my safe, online, and printed out.