Saturday, July 21, 2007

Giddy up birthday boys!

We have some one year old boys! Tuesday the 17th, Drake and Jack turned one!! I sill can not even believe they're not babies anymore. Tara and I had so much fun putting together their cowboy birthday.

We bought them little cowboy boots, hats, and then we made their little leather vests!

We were suprised at how much they liked wearing their cowboy hats! They had a blast eating cake! They dug right in.

Then the day after their birthday, they proved to their moms how big they are now. We went to the doctor for their one year appointment and shots. They both cried when they got the shots, but as soon as they were done and we were able to pick them up, they stopped crying right away. Thank goodness!!!


Midlife Midwife said...

Wow, hard to believe it was a whole year ago. Happy Birthday Boys!!!

Jer & Ro said...

They have to be the cutest little cowboys I have ever seen!!! And I love their cakes!

DANNELS said...

Happy Birthday Drake! Looks like such a fun are such a martha stewart mom! Adorable Cake!! I love it!

Summer Adams said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Kristin, could you be any cuter?!!! What a darling party. I love Drake's little outfit, love the cakes and theme, it's all so stinkin' cute. I clicked on play and Brooklyn was watching on my lap. She screamed, "Hiiiiiiiii!" and was waving at Drake :) Then she says, "oh, cute!" It was too funny. So, give little Drakey Boy a birthday kiss from her :) She's robbin' the cradle, hee hee

Bowman Family said...

Jack looks so much like his dad! Drake is the cutest little thing in the world!!!
I love the cake - you are such a domestic goddess!!! You even made the vest. You should be nominated for mom of the year!
How did Drakers doctor's appointment go? Did you ask about the neurological / developmental stuff?
Love ya!
Meg :-)

Stanford Family said...

Happy Birthday Drake, Kristin and Gwen-sorry it's late. Those outfits and birthday cake were so cute. What a good idea. We miss you guys too, can't wait to see you and your cute family next month at Cindy's Wedding.

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

ok, so that is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. What precious little cowboys! They looked so cute eating their cake too. I have a feeling Asher will dig right in as well!

Jenny & Wyatt Dannels said...

i would love some help..the place we thought was going to work just fell through. Let me know!! I am stressing out!!