Saturday, June 09, 2007

Busy week

Highlights of the week:

*Tuesday Ryan called me from work to tell me that he had tickets for us to go to the Diamondbacks the OWNER'S SUITE!! It was so fun, and fully catered! I ate two bowls (of the best salsa ever) all by myself! Plus, we won in the 10th inning against the SF Giants. Go DBACKS!

*Gwen's first dance class! It was so cute to see her with the other girls, and while the other girls kept dancing, having her come up to me and say ... well just watch the video, you have to see for yourself.

That little ballet prodigee in the black leotard is Gwen's cousin Haylee.

*Monday my friend Meg invited Gwen and I to go to a movie with her and her daughter Rachel, and she brought lots of yummy candy! Thanks Meg!

*Working out. Tuesday I got worked by a trainer!! Ryan and I are determined to get into good shape, and evidently Gwen's been watching! The other day I came downstairs to see her checking her body fat!

*Dinner with the BYU girls-teppanyaki style!

*Lunch with my sister in laws, Emily Eager and Emily McPhie, and trying bingsoo. It was scrumptious!

*Having Gwen WANT to help me clean the bathrooms, and while she's cleaning the toilet say "I'm cleaning the toilet, I clean, I'm a good mommy like you."!! Melted my heart! Gwen you can always clean with me!

And the not so fun stuff:

*Coming out Wednesday morning to find the pool half full!

this is after a few hours of having the hose on. Basically something's broken and that just means lots of money. :(

*Gwen having big D and not making it to the toilet FOUR times! Poor girl, she's better now.

*Missing my first Hip Hop dance class Tuesday, but it was to go to the DBacks game with my cute hubs, so that's okay.

*Drake waking up in puke today and having an upset stomach all day. My poor little guy. To remember better days...

He's my sweet, happy, clappy, cuddler! Get better soon buster!


Bingham Family said...

The slide show was so cute. So fun to see so many photos. I need to learn how to use that program a little better. So fun. Sounds like a crazy week! But super fun. See you next Thursday! Thanks for giving Haylee props!

Jennifer said...

Okay, that video is hilarious. I watched it and then made Mike watch it too. And Ju, if you are back here, as if Haylee is a little ballerina. So funny. But wait, how are Gwen and Haylee cousins??

McPhie Family said...

foster cousins. my dad lived with Julie's dad's family for a couple years. :)

Nate, Morgan and Asher said...

wow, what a week. I have to say, that video was amazing. I love how she's totally checking herself out in the mirror...a true dancer! What a frustrating job for that teacher. I love how she just keeps going on with the plies (sp?) and such whilst the kids run around and hang off the bars!

Sad about Drake being sick! Asher had a fever of 104.2 today, and it was so sad. He was pretty hysterical. Luckily my father in law is a pediatrician and he helps to calm me down and reassure me that it's not as serious as it seems. He thinks it's an ear infection. I guess we will see tomorrow!

Layton Clan said...

Sooooo cute! All you fantastic mom's with your ballerina's are just adorable.

Karyn Olson said...


Karyn Olson said...

I just had my Mallory watch the video cause I want to get her intersted in taking dance classes... and Kent came over to watch... he wants to take ballet, too!!! Ok, call me a mean mom, but I don't think so. Sorry, Kent. Only Mallory gets this one!

Thanks for inspiring me to get my girl girl in dance.

Blake & Alli said...

way cute video! funny to hear ju laughing in the background...even funnier that i recognized her laugh before reading your post.

were do you live? your house looks pretty nice! sad to hear about your pool.

Blake & Alli said...

way cute video! funny to hear ju laughing in the background...even funnier that i recognized her laugh before reading your post.

were do you live? your house looks pretty nice! sad to hear about your pool.

McPhie Family said...

Karyn-I'm surprised Gwen saying she wanted to go home didn't dissuade Mallory from dance. Good for her! I hope she joins their class.
Al-We live in Mesa down the hill from Lindsey's parents. Just barely south of Lehi. And thank you! :)

Bowman Family said...

I love the ballet video! It's so Gwenny - having fun one minute and "I want to go home now!" the next. We sure had fun at the movie with you guys. I still can't believe Gwenny downed all that candy. Must have been a fun night for the sitter with all that sugar in her system!
Go D-Backs! I am glad you got to go with Ryan. Did Tara forgive you for ditching the dance class and leaving her on her own?

I think Kent would be a great dancer. Jayne would still like him. (I think Kent is the biggest reason Jayne likes the Friday music class at the Towers). Just think about it! j/k :-)

Summer Adams said...

Oh Kristin, you are so funny. I'm so sorry about the not-so-fun moments but what adventurous moments huh?!!! I sooo enjoyed this post :) Your details totally crack me up!

ben and whitney shafer said...

love that video. and that is totally hilarious that gwen was checking her body fat! that really stinks about gwen's accidents. i'm totally terrified to potty train joel. though, it's usually not as bad as you think it's going to be, right? i'm crossing my fingers. :)