Thursday, August 08, 2013


My baby is SEVEN!

Family party the night before the big day.
Drake requested a pinata, and picked this one out.
 Mason trying to hit it was so cute!
 I didn't get a very good shot, so you may not be able to tell, but that would be a Lone Ranger cake.  I felt so bad.  It was crunch time for bar study, and I was planning on just buying a cake from a store.  But then when it came down to actually doing it, I couldn't.  I had to bake a cake, but took a short cut with a Lone Ranger Lego set on top.  He was stoked.  Phew.

 That night I kissed my sweet little SIX year old boy good bye forever.
I cuddled that sweet baby boy so hard!

And in the morning, he magically was my sweet SEVEN year old baby.
He slept with his new Lone Ranger set.
This may be his favorite present of the day.
The Lone Ranger silver mine. 
If you haven't noticed, Drake loves the Lone Ranger.
And he LOVES Legos. 
 It turned out to be one of the best days of bar study I had.
These two sat quietly at their table working on that silver mine for hours!
If only I could have purchased a huge expensive Lego set everyday to occupy them.

When you don't get a b-day party, you get to go to Perter Piper Pizza

Drake's birthday was up in the air.  He chose going to Jack's house in California and going to Legoland with him over having a birthday party.
The problem with that was we were planning on Ryan taking Thursday and Friday off for our trip, but then last minute Ryan had a trial that looked like it was going to go for Friday, so he wasn't able to get Friday off.  But then Thursday he found out it wouldn't go.  Ugh!
So we packed up fast and hit the road.   

These boys were so happy to be together again!
 So were these boys.
 Unfortunately, I had to close myself off and study the whole trip, including while the dads took the kids to Legoland.
It better be worth it.
I better pass the bar for missing out on this.
 At least I got to see my sister.  Tara and I are due only days apart!
This happened before, and our boys were born on the same day... maybe it could happen again?
Curleyhair girls 7 months pregnant.
Happy birthday buddy.
We love you!

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Tara T said...

Jack's birthday cake was just like that!!! I just put army stuff on it.
And the husbands eating in the kitchen picture is awesome!!!!!