Sunday, August 25, 2013


McPhie celebration season has come to an end.
Gwen, Drake, and I all have birthdays in July, and then in the first couple of weeks of August is our anniversary, then Ryan's birthday.

Ryan's birthday came on a Friday.
Fridays are trial days.

So we sent him off to trial with a yummy waffle breakfast.

I got Ryan this watch for his birthday.
 But in typical Ryan fashion, he wants to exchange it.
Maybe for this one...
or this one.
Which one do you like better?  I thought about the light wood one, but thought it might get dirty.??  So here's some advice if any of you, for any reason, give Ryan a gift for any occasion, give him a gift card.  I still try and give him gifts, but they are just about always getting exchanged.  
It's okay.

Well he had a good trial (won on one count, lost on another; but he knew that one would be tough).  We celebrated with dinner and The Wolverine.  

It's a good one.  Even though Hugh Jackman was not in very good shape for it.

Yes, I just said "not".

Then we had family birthday party on Sunday.
 And I was too lazy to put 36 candles on the cake, so we had 3 candles + 6 candles.  It equals 36 in candle math.

Oh yah, and here are the kids with their As You Wish paintings from our family anniversary date.
Drake's hair is awesome
 Oh, and here's Drake's self portrait on the wall in school.
Notice the robot/lego arm, and the gun arm.
But no legs.
I love his creativity!

Happy birthday Ryan.


Monica said...

The heck!?!? You're preggers???
WHAT! Congrats!! What are you having!?

MediocreMama said...

Tod is weird about gifts too. Our anniversary is Friday and I'm still wondering what on earth I could get him that he wouldn't return/never use...

Emily said...

Love your candle math. Happy birthday Ryan!

IronLawGirl said...

Monica, yes!! Can you believe it???? It's pretty crazy. But we're keeping it a surprise, so we don't know.