Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So Gwen's tooth was loose for a month!! She was scared to work it too much, and couldn't try to pull it. At one point she let Ryan try to pull it, but he chickened out and couldn't. I asked her if I could, but she wouldn't let me. Sunday in church I left the nursery room to go fill our water pitcher when I saw Gwen in the hall with her cheeks full of water, excitement in her eyes and her tooth in her hands!! Our primary president was there with her too, Gwen let her try to pull it, and she did! Gwen said it didn't even hurt.Gwen was so excited she was begging to go to Gigi's to show her her missing tooth as soon as we got home from church. We waited until Sunday evening, and Gwen (against my strong warning) took the tooth out of the ziploc bag it was in, and put it in her tooth fairy pillow she had sewn together... with yarn mind you. I told her that the stitches were wide and her tooth could come out, but she insisted. So as you can imagine, after she had shown Gigi her little tooth, played around, and then checked her tooth purse again and it was gone! We checked everywhere - floor, tables, couch, but we couldn't find it. She was devastated!!! So she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy that went something like this:
Dear toothfairy, i lost my tooth, please give me money. -Gwen

Luckily the toothfairy still came to our house, she got a "golden coin". (a Sakajawea dollar)


Tara T said...

lol. awe, sad. thats a great letter though.

some day, months from now, gwens tooth will be found somewhere crazy

Tawnya said...

"give me money" that's awesome.

Monica said...

Yeah Gwen! So funny. It must be a rule or something that the first tooth lost has a great story to go with it. Bri was so nervous about loosing her tooth that she sealed that envelope right up. LOL Same tooth. ; )

Emily said...

Congrats Gwen! Love the letter.

discombobulated said...

Your little girl is so cute. At least you didn't have what we had happen. My little boy got a hold of my oldest's tooth and ate the thing. He picked it up and before I could get it out of his mouth, he swallowed it. EWWWW! It took quite a note to the tooth fairy.

~Madame Riding :)