Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ryan McPhie, J.D.

Five years ago, Ryan decided he wanted to go to law school. He applied late in the application process and got in to some schools, but decided he wanted to try again, to get into ASU. He did LSAT prep classes this time, took the LSAT again, and applied. He got into ASU, but got into McGeorge (University of Pacific) too. That one was in Sacramento, where Ryan really wanted to be. So I got a new job in Sacramento (I was working at Progressive here at the time) we got rid of almost all our stuff, and moved to Sacramento. A week later, Ryan decided he wanted to go to ASU. He packed up our now decreased amount of belongings, I put in my two weeks at my new job, and he moved out here just in time to start orientation. We joined him two weeks later. That was hard! But he was starting a journey that'd be even harder. Law school.
Ryan really did do well. He balanced school and family better than I can. He'd come home and play, and didn't even do homework over the weekends. On top of that he's held a couple of jobs to help support us (since I decided I would NOT get a job after moving back to AZ), participated in several competitions, and even has grown so much spiritually too. I'm so proud of Ryan and all of his hard work. To prove it I got this sweet sign that's still in our front yard-
These kids are pretty dang proud of him too. It was funny to think about how when Ryan was trying to decide if he should do law school, one of the things kind of holding him back was the thought that Gwen would be almost SEVEN and Drake almost FIVE when he graduated. I told him "well, in three years they'll be almost seven and five and you could be done with law school, or not." Well here they are, almost seven and five - and Ryan's finished with law school!
Ryan and his mom.
Ryan and brother, Gavin.
Ryan and sister, Emily. And Drake jumping in there too.

Gwen and Drake so happy to finally be out of the ceremony and see Ryan.
Ryan and his proud wifey.
Getting the party started! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of his party. But thanks to everyone who came out and made Ryan feel special. It was a lot of fun!
Now on to the BAR!! He'll be studying like crazy for the next two months and will take it at the end of July.


Tawnya said...

He looks so fancy with those stripes on his gown!

Chelsea said...

ty always freaks out about how old he'll be or how old the kids will be when he finishes dental school. i tell him the same thing you told ryan--you'll/they'll be that old anyway, so let's just do this!

way to go, ryan! and way to go, kristin, for putting up with it and even going in on the fun! you're crazy, girl :) although ty keeps telling me i should be a dentist, too, so we could have a practice together and make enough money in just a few years to blow our noses with. how much longer do you have?

Tara T said...

Woo Hooo!!! Congrats Ryan!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. You two are some crazy go-getters!

Monica said...

Um...first of all, that sign is pretty much amazing. hahaha Love it. Second, what a story! I especially love the part where Ryan did all of this while you didn't have to work. I am SO jealous girl! What a great hubby. CONGRATS!! xoxo

Amy said...

Congrats! We are so happy that you guys chose Az and down the street from us! Love ya!

Rachelle Underwood said...

Awwwwwwww, now Jared and Ryan can be twins in their matching ASU robes! I just unpacked them and asked "why are we keeping these?"