Sunday, December 09, 2007

pretty little ballerinas

Regan Mavity, Haylee Bingham, and Gwen
These are her "best girls" at dance!

Saturday was Gwenny's big day!  And to be honest, I wasn't even planning on taking her to her recital.  She seems to do this act when ever I'm at her dance or preschool, where she participates and hams it up when I'm not there, but when I'm there to watch her, she gets pouty and wants to have me hold her.  So I was thinking that if we went, we would get there, she wouldn't dance, and it would be a waste of my morning.  But I asked her if she wanted to dance, at first she said no.  But later said yes, so we hurried and got her dressed and went to the recital.  And all along the way, I was overflowing with positive reinforcement on how she likes to dance, she's a great dancer, mommy loves watching her dance, etc.  So we get there, get a seat, and it begins.  Gwen starts saying she doesn't want to dance and wants to go home!  So I got desperate.  You see, while we were in Sacramento, Gwen spent quite a bit of time everyday looking in an American Girl catalog.   There's this doll she really wants, and tells me about it several times a day.  Well I told Gwen, "honey, if you dance, afterwards we'll go get you your big doll!"  She was instantly smiles and violently nodding and saying okay!  It was the smartest thing I've ever done,  because I've never seen her perform like this out of the house!  And she was in the best mood ever!  Well I did get a little worried as we were walking into the store and she kept talking about how she's going to get the big doll with the black shirt, yellow skirt, yellow purse and crown!  But luckily she was still happy when I said, "looks like they don't have that doll here" and she got a Polly Pocket and Polly Pocket car instead.    It's the first time I've used that severe of a bribe, and uh oh, I don't think it'll be the last!

This is the doll that she wants, and I really want her to have, only I have issues with spending $128 on a doll for a three year old.  Poor girl.

(I have been trying forever to upload a video of Gwen dancing with the Blogger video option and it hasn't been working. Has anyone else been having issues, or can I blame it on the fact that I'm using a Mac?)
The recital was supposed to be outdoors, but it rained all night so it was moved inside last minute.  (Notice Haylee's curtsey at the end)


emily jeanne said...

Kristin Your kids are so cute! Im glad you have a blog! Im going to link you and Tawnya on my blog

love ya! Emily

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Bingham Family said...

I can't get any video to upload to the blogger one. So I still haven't. So cute. Gwen was so cute that day. Ryan even said what a ham she was.
I am happy that you ended up coming, even if it was a bribe.