Thursday, December 06, 2007

Big Helpers

Drake likes to help me clean-
This must just come with the age, (because my friend, Jennifer has mentioned the same thing) but Drake has been putting things in the garbage can.  Especially the cute stainless steel one in the office with the snap back lid.  Most times I see him doing this, so I can immediately retrieve the items.  But today as I was emptying this overstuffed can, I noticed Gwen's wood spoon for her kitchen.  I thought I'd better pull out the garbage piece by piece so I wouldn't throw away anything that wasn't supposed to go.  So amongst the apple cores, snotty kleenex, candy wrappers, etc. I found this.  You'll notice in the pile of retrieved items, there are ipod earphones, my Nixon Skyline watch, and yes, a dvd of home videos from Disneyland.  (I also found $0.75 but already pocketed it)  So anyway, I thought I can't believe Drake's doing this...Gwen never.....   YAH RIGHT!  I seem to be forgetting things in my old age.  Today I remembered how one night I couldn't find one of my retainers.  I looked ALLL over.  The next day I tore up the couch, Gwen's drawers, my kitchen cupboards, and I found it in her diaper pail!!!!!!  I had to soak that thing in Listerine for two days before I put that back in my mouth. 
 Gwen likes to help me cook-
While we were in CA, Jean got her new Pampered Chef pans, so we got some of her old ones, including this cut little pot.  Gwen thinks it's hers, so now I can't cook anything with out Gwen putting on her apron, pulling up a chair and insisting that I put some of what I'm cooking in her pan.


Jennifer said...

Wow, I love it. And I'm very glad to see that I am not alone in this world...

And I'm pretty sure that we live the same lives. :)

Bingham Family said...

Haylee always wants to help cook and has requested an apron with her name on it for Christmas... just like mommy's.
I guess it is time to put the trash cans on the counters.
good luck

Summer Adams said...

Oh how cute. Gwen is such a good little helper and I love all your fun kid stories, Kristin!

Oh, so I loved Gwen's pink kitchen so much (saw the pic of it last year I think) and bought one at Costco a few weeks ago along with some play utensils and food and I'm sooooooooooooooo excited to give it to her and play with her. I'm so glad you recommended it! Thanks for that!!! Any other great toy recommendations are gladly welcomed :)