Monday, December 11, 2006

Gwen is at that magical age when a bandaid can fix any "owie". But the problem with that, is that she is always looking for more owies to get more bandaids. I don't remember why her upper lip was hurting here, but we thought the bandaid mustache was pretty cute!
We had our ward Christmas party this last Friday. Drake had been pretty sick all day and we didn't think we could go, but we went anyway and he was so cute. Since he wasn't feeling well, we let him wear his Santa pajamas. :)
This is Gwen at the ward Christmas party. She's into wearing dresses lately. In fact she won't wear anything unless it's a dress. But it was the end of the week, and all of her dresses were dirty. So I got her to wear this skirt by telling her that it was Ariel's wedding skirt. Once she's in her dress/skirt, she grabs it with one hand, puts her other hand up in the air and dances around the way the princesses taught her how in Disneyland. It's so cute!
Drake is so grown up now! He had food today! I gave him some rice cereal and he loved it! It's funny that I waited until he's almost five months old to try food with him. With Gwen, we tried just about as soon as she had head control. But the advantage of waiting an extra month and a half was that he could actually eat it from the spoon and swallow it. It was sooooo much easier than first trying to feed Gwen.

Looking at this picture just made me realize how big the kids are now. Gwen's doing her cheezy smile, but won't really take her eyes off the tv. And this is her all time favorite dress. The pink mumu! Once we get it off, we have to hide it until it gets washed, and as soon as it comes out of the dryer, Gwen's got it on.

I don't know why sometimes I can't get the writing to match up with the pictures they are supposed to. Oh well.


The Adams Family said...

I love what a girly-girl Gwen is. I hope Brooklyn is like that too, as I was :) The kids look so cute in all these pics Kristin! This is a cute post. ~Summer

McPhie Family said...

Thanks, I'm SURE Brooklyn will be just like that!