Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meh-he-co (Mexico for the lay people)

Summer is the greatest time of year!  Because I get to have a life other than school.
So to maximize the fun we spent some time in the sun.
And to make it even better, we brought our besties, the Wevers!

I'm not going to pretend that we weren't a little scared to go to Rocky Point.  We had never been and had heard a mix of scary and awesome stories.  We crossed our fingers and hoped for an awesome one for us, and we got it!

This was the view from our room.  Not bad, eh?

Drake got to channel his inner monkey.
I think I heard him say "I can't go any deeper!"

The Wevers chillaxing in one of the many pools.

The kids and their killer Nascar boogie board.
They loved the ocean, until it got in their mouths.
But we were still able to convince them to try the banana boat, and they loved it!
Yea!  Ocean lovers after all.
And they will still mention in their prayers, "thank you Heavenly Father for helping us to overcome our fear of the banana boat", and keep asking when they'll get to ride one again.
No pictures to prove it though.

We did do a lot of shell collecting.  I might have even put some of said shells down my swimsuit so I could use my hands to catch a fish with my bare hands.  I did catch that fish because I'm awesome like that, but then FREAKED out when I realized those shells I put down my swimsuit had crabs in them!!!

Ryan who WAS NOT a cheerleader in high school, but a member of the stunt team (they totally only through girls around) had fun with the kids in the pool.
Drake who always thought he was being the Statue of Liberty:

Gwenny getting her hair braided by a darling little lady

And also super exciting was Gwen losing her first upper tooth!  Her third tooth lost.
While that was exciting, we were panicked about whether or not the tooth fairy would come to her in Mexico.  You see her tooth fairy brings her a Sacagawea dollar coin for her teeth, and the tooth fairy couldn't find any in Mexico.  So she got stuck with a regular $ bill.  Gwen didn't mind.

This is what Gwen left for her tooth fairy.  She was worried the tooth would fall in the crack between the mattress and the back of the couch since she was sleeping on a couch bed.  Luckily when Gwen goes to Mexico, she brings a little fancy box, so she put her tooth in that.  She also left a note asking the tooth fairy what her name is. 
When the tooth fairy woke up at 3am to watch the women's Olympic marathon she made the exchange and left a note telling Gwen her name is Samantha.

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures of the inside of our condo, or the sweet meal we BBQ'd up with the Wevers.
But we did get a picture of Ryan's injured toe that we thought was broken until it healed two days later.

We also ventured into town for some shopping.
Mexican vanilla?  Check!

Drake, Gwen, Lennon, and Larry

I wish she lived closer!

And finally one last lunch before the Wevers continued their drive home.
Thanks for the best summer vacay yet!


Tawnya said...

hahahaha glad you weren't abducted and jailed.

Emily said...

How fun except for the crabs. ha.

MediocreMama said...

I forgot about the crabs! I could've named my blog post, "Kristin Gets Crabs."


Looooooved our trip with you guys!