Thursday, June 14, 2012

We had a quick trip to Utah last weekend.  
It was funny how the 9.5 hour drive seemed so short compared to the longer drives we've done recently to Sacramento and home from Santa Cruz.
Also, luckily my girl Kassidi wanted to squeeze between the two sleeping kiddos in the back seat because she had to bail Ryan and I out driving when we got too tired.
Overnight drive to Utah:  success.

The first thing we did when we got there (besides take a nap) was take the kids to our old stomping grounds, BYU.
It's very important to us that we brainwash our kids into having an overwhelming desire to get stellar grades so they can (because of course they'll want to!) go to BYU.
It's a magical place where Ryan and I met and fell in love, so of course we want our kids to have as cool of a college experience as we had.

So operation BYU brainwashing.
First we go to the Cougareat where the kids get to pick whatever they want for lunch.
They love it, and Drake thought we were in a mall.
Next the BYU bookstore where they each get to choose their own BYU souvenir.
Next, rolling down the library hill:

Ryan showing the kids how it's done
Ryan is at the bottom trying to gain his balance

Then off to the BYU Creamery because yes, at BYU they make their own ice cream which is sold in the cutest on-campus ice cream shop.

The kids love BYU.
Brainwashing: success.

The next day Ryan hit the golf course while the kids and I hit the Utah Valley Marathon expo.
Drake had to try out the human hamster wheel.
And of course we were at the expo because the next day I ran the marathon.
For a full recap of that, go here.  
Drake running up to me at mile 21
Kassidi, Kristin and Catherine
Running mammas.
 Unless you've lived in Utah, you may not know what a Creamie is.  They are ice cream popsicles that are to die for!  I ate 3 banana Creamies after the marathon.  Yumbelievable!
Utah Valley Marathon: mostly success.

 Then after the marathon, even though I really wanted a nap (we woke up at 3:00 am to catch the busses to the start!!), I let Ryan talk me into going to the Scottish games where he met up with one of his old mission companions.  They served in Scotland.
Ken and Ryan
 Ken's boys and Drake loved it.
What boy wouldn't?  There were all kinds of swords and fights to watch.
They even busted out their own sword fight.
Drake getting stabbed in the neck

Ryan and Drake enjoying some shepherd's pie

And finally before heading back home, we had to squeeze in some more cousin time.
The kids LOVE their cousins and it's just too bad we don't get to see them more often.
Jorgensens and McPhies
 These two are so silly together.

 Then we cleaned up, packed up, and started out journey home.
But luckily we got to stop in Las Vegas where we got to have dinner with these two:
Tod and Holly, our couple soul mates.
Utah weekend: success.

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