Thursday, May 31, 2012


A post of pictures:

So, after Ragnar So Cal, and my 10 miler in 100º, my iPod was kaput.  Not because of the lake that I jumped in to keep cool (I kept it in my hand out of the water), but because of the many bottles of water dumped over me to cool me down.  So the screen didn't work.  I took it into the Apple store to find out I had three days left on my warranty.  They handed me a brand new one! L.O.V.E. it!  

But then a week later, I dropped my iPod and this happened:
And now there is no more warranty.  Boo.  So I just took some packaging tape and laminated the glass so that it won't keep chipping off.  My iPod now looks like this:

Also in May was Mother's Day.  This has got the be the greatest holiday ever thought up.  My kids and husband celebrating me?  Yes please!!
Look what my cute boy did-
He made my bed (super good BTW), and then he leaves this behind so I know that this good deed was done by him.
My babies and I on Mother's Day-
Drake also has been obsessed with "Army guys" lately.  He harassed me to make him an Army guy outfit, so I raided the thrift stores and Party City, and came up with this.  You can't see the sweet patches I sewed on the sleeves, but just know that this Army dude outfit is legit.  
Our next adventure was a trip to Northern California.  Whilst there, I went for a long run with my friend Kassidy (since I'm supposedly training for a marathon next weekend.  I'm gonna die!).
All I have to say is that if I lived in Sacramento, I'd run the river trail every Saturday and never get bored with it!  
Especially since I'd be keeping an eye out for these-

From Sacramento, we cruised over to Concord to round up the Taylors, then headed out to Santa Cruz for beach camping over Memorial Day weekend.  

 Jack and Drake were overjoyed to be together again.
 And Gwen and Aubrey got right to playing house.

 Yes, we let Drake use a pocket knife to whittle a stick.  Don't you let your 5 year old play with knifes?
 Look at how gorgeous this place is!  And this campground is on a cliff just above the beach.
 And this is the stuff I've been dreaming about since returning....  Pizza My Heart pesto pizza.  mmmmm!

 pure silliness

 This Gwenny girl was so determined to boogy board.
 She braved the FREEZING cold water...
 and tried,
 and tried,
 and tried,
 and finally rode a wave in.

Then we packed up and drove the 12 hours home.  

 Just in time to start swim team.

Gwen got right back in the swing of it.
 Drake is still trying so hard to get it down.

 And a shot of this cute boy's belly profile.
 These AZ babies are freezing when they get to the other end of the pool and have to get out of the water, so they lay on the side walk to stay warm.  I mean it's only 105º, who can blame them for being so cold?  ;)


Jenny Dannels said...

Super jealous of your Santa Cruz trip. We haven't been in years! My boys haven't ever been either. Give us some tips on how to score some camping sites...pleasE!!

Tara T said...

1. You and Apple are best frienemies
2I LOVE the little heart you made that say's "Drake was here" - Could you embroider some fabric for my little family and I'll sew the hearts? Thanks
3.You got some great camping shots...Aubs, suckin' back grandpas ol' cough medicine, Jack jumping into the sand, and Drakes head coming out of the tent is pure awesomeness!
4.I just found out there is a Pizza My Heart in Emeryville (the city you pass before getting on to the bridge to go to SF) so next time you guys are out here, we'll go!!
5.That belly profile is sexy

MediocreMama said...

you're a good mom.

I want a beach trip with the McPhies.

Excited for our rendesvous.

MediocreMama said...


Monica said...

I am so jealous!! I want to go to the beach SO very badly!!! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! : ) xo