Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let's face it, I'm just putting of reading. And I keep glancing over at this book:I haven't even read the first paragraph and it's killing me. I might have to wait until Labor day weekend, or even worse, fall break?

Things are pretty crazy over here. But great news- Drake LOVES his preschool. He's got all the kids in his class obsessed with pirates. Everyday he's building pirate ships, making pirate hats, and binoculars, and swords, and flags, and even a parrot. It's adorable! And I love that he's excited to go to school every morning.
Gwen is also doing fabulous and loving getting to socialize with the big kids. But I believe it was hanging out with the big kids that led her to wanting to do this:
We chopped her hair off last week. Ryan and I are still a little sad about it, but Gwen loves her hair and how grown up it makes her look.

Friday night Ryan and I did a 5k with our running club (that we have not been able to go to in ages!). And it was hard! Running when it's 96ยบ out just gives me the worst headaches. And apparently it was hard for everyone else too because I won my age group!! Holy smokes was I shocked! I wasn't even dreaming of it, and in fact we were about to leave when I heard my name called. I didn't even know what place they were talking about and had to ask when I got my medal. If I hadn't peed my pants already, I would have when they told me it was first place. I'll just enjoy this last year of being in a different age group as Chrissie and Carolyn since they're way way faster than me!This is Chrissie who won her age group, and me. Carolyn won overall women. I believe her time was 20:07!!!
Ryan also did really well. Despite his not running for a while, was only 12 seconds slower than his last 5k-which was a really good time. Good job honey!
Some of our fellow Lightning Bolts who came out for the run. It was a great time!

And now back to reading about torts.


Tawnya said...

Ryan didn't want to sport the super short running undies? :) I like Gwen's haircut.

Taylors said...

awe, Gwen does look older!!! Its cute! And Drakes preschool sounds like a lot of fun! I guess it should be for the price ;) And is that book your copy or Tawnya's, because one of you needs to send up your copy with mom when she comes out here so I can read it!!

Amy said...

You're awesome! Great job earning 1st place.
PS I'm glad I'm not the only one who pees their pants while racing :)