Sunday, June 13, 2010

Payson tri 2010

So about a week ago our friends Amy and Drew Stewart invited us to go up to their cabin with them to do the Payson triathlon. I was in for sure, and Ryan decided it would be a good time to do his first tri, so we both signed up. Silly Ryan. He hasn't been training for a triathlon at all. He had been running recently, but hadn't biked in a few months, and said it's been over a year since he swam a lap!
The night before the race, us ladies had a grand time playing Nertz. Seriously, I could have stayed up all night playing, but we had to get some sleep since the race was first thing in the morning and all.
The boys also had fun riding around in the Samurai and then reading each other bed time stories.
Race morning we get there and it's like 60º!! So cold for us Mesans. And then the icing on the cake is while I'm setting up my transition area, I realize I forgot my shorts!! I have to do the whole race in my swim suit!! The worst part about that was the bike. We had to climb this awful hill TWICE, and each time I'd be up off my seat climbing the mountain, I would just feel so bad about the view for the riders behind me. A new definition for drafting!! ;) But then we would get to go down the hill, I got up to 41 mph on the way down!
Amy, Perla and I. I love these girls. They're in my ward, and this was Perla's second triathlon and rocked it!! Notice I ran and got my pants on as soon as I was done, so happy to cover my bum!
Here's Ryan right after finishing. He did so good!! Now we're going to have to get him a bike too so he can start doing more of these. (he rented one for this event)
This is our whole group of people who stayed up at the cabin and raced. I think Amy and Drew should have gotten overrides for all the people they got to sign up for the event. And everyone did awesome!!
What's that? You want one of these sexy tank tops? This is Ryan and Drew in the SMALL tanks. Hot right?

Here's the crazy part people. I finished FIRST in the 20-29 age division!!! What!? I know, weird. I got that sweet hat. Drew finished second for the menfolk. He got a sweet ribbon.
Then after the race the boys went cliff jumping. I said no thanks to the 65º water.
And of course Ryan does a back flip into the rocky water below.
He survied.

Then we came home to our babies. They were at Gigi's and Papa's all weekend. They didn't want to come home! Thank you mom and dad!!!


Taylors said...

What?!?! FIRST?!?! actually thats not really too surprising. But good/awesome job!!! I am desperately wanting to do one right now...darn pregnancy. And good job to Ryan for doing/finishing it!

Emily said...

I'm jealous Ryan could do that without training. . . . Congrats on your first place finish!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Two words. YOU ROCK!

Brooke said...

Hey Kristin! I found your blog through someone elses, anyways, way to go! That's awesome! I'm so jealous, I miss exercising so much. I'm big and pregnant and can't do a thing.
Congrats on getting into law school. That is so exciting! Can't wait until I can go back in like a million years.