Friday, January 15, 2010

Drakey boy

Do you ever remember a part of your life that you totally forgot and you don't know how you could have? Like I totally forgot that my license plate in college said "MsMeow" and I had forgotten that until my brother in law reminded me. Well I also forgot until recently, that when Drake was a baby I used to call him my bucking bronco because of how excited he'd get when I was dressing him that he'd buck around on the changing table. But if I had to classify his horse type today, he'd be a wild mustang!
Honestly, I turn my back and I don't even see him slip out the back door. Then I see his puffy head sneaking by the side window carrying his scooter to the street. Then he just takes off.
This is usually what he does after I've asked him to make his bead, or put something away. I can't even take an afternoon nap because several times I've waken to find Drake's gone and I don't know where!
The other day he came to me crying. He had somehow managed to get his gum stuck in his hair. He wasn't sleeping, just playing and for some reason took it out and stuck it to the side of his head!? He had been pulling at it and was distraught. I went to pull it too, but it was stuck in there good.
I thought I'd have to just cut his hair really close there, or try the freeze and break off strategy. But good thing I was in the kitchen and there was my olive oil right there. I just poured some on and worked it a little and the gum came right off! Thank heavens I don't have to bring scissors to that beautiful head of hair!


Taylors said...

cute new background and header!
this post had me laughing a couple of times. Thats a sweet pic of him taking off on his scooter with his skinny leg jeans. Then of course the poofy head. ha ha ha

Ryan said...

That kid is so awesome.

Emily said...

love the background! :) I'm glad to know olive oil works on gum.