Monday, September 18, 2006

Gwen or Drake?

Last night Ryan and I were looking through old pictures on the computer, and we were shocked at how much Gwen's baby pictures look like Drake. So see if you can figure out who's who? And if you want to try the best ice cream ever, it's out right now. It's Blue Bell's Key Lime Pie, and ooohhh it's so good! It's seasonal so don't wait. I've waited two years for this because I didn't see it last year, and I ate it up when I was pregnant with Gwen.
Okay, we've got Grammy holding Gwenny, then Daddy holding Drake. And we thought it was cute that Gwen had hair on her shoulders, then we thought it was cute too that Drake had hairy everything.

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The Adams Family said...

That is just hilarious! What a cute little furball :) Don't you just love those little babies?! They are both precious you guys.